colorado engagement session

Meet Elle X Chris: An energetic match made in heaven. We’ve known Elle for years, one of the most free spirited and loving souls to walk the earth. Then there’s Chris, who we met once at a Red Rocks concert and knew instantly he was the calm Elle had been searching for! I’ve never met two better people!

We had been dying to get back to the mountains and what better way than visiting friends in the process. A simple text was sent and Elle asked if she could call me the next day and we could figure out details! Little did we know, moments before we sent a text asking to come visit... Chris had gotten down on one knee and asked Elle to spend forever with him. Cue the tears, I was bawling on the phone at this point. In exchange for engagement photos, our sweet friends bought our plane tickets and we were on our way to Denver in a matter of a couple weeks!

After the longest two weeks of my life, We were in Colorado! We hiked down to a lake that was surrounded by pines and also had the beautiful Pikes Peak in the background! This couple makes our job a breeze, they are so easy in front of the camera and just exuberant love! Take a look down low and check out the beauty and love captured in these photos. Let’s just say we cannot wait for their wedding next year in Florida!

Want to travel or have us meet you in another state?! LET’S GO! We wont even question it, we are always down for an adventure! This is what we live for!