We met Shea X Daniel through a mutual friend and after a couple quick Facebook messages, we realized that we had to meet up with this sweet couple. Shea X Daniel had decided they wanted to get eloped over the summer without the hassle and stress of planning a large wedding. They came to us with the idea of getting eloped at the location of their first date... Dinosaur World in Cave City, KY! We couldn't say "Yes" fast enough!

The couple met us at Dinosaur World where we witnessed their sweet ceremony in front of the Brachiosaurus'. Yes, I googled the species name! Along with the bride's brother who was ordained, they brought the sweetest best man, George, their beloved greyhound! Check out his tux bandana! After the ceremony, we walked around the park to see the 150 life sized dinosaurs while taking pictures of our newlyweds and George. What's not shown is Jes freaking out over all the dinosaurs in her Jurassic Park shirt.

Thinking of eloping and dropping all the stress of a big wedding. Let us know, we LOVE the idea of running away and eloping!